Sponsors & Exhibitors | Orphan Drugs and Rare Diseases 2020

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Gold Sponsor

Durbin is one of the leading providers of comparator sourcing and managed access programs to pharmaceutical and biotech companies around the world. In its 55th year of business, Durbin is pleased to look back on a history of sourcing pharmaceuticals for physicians and patients around the world and even in 3rd world countries, providing urgent and cost effective supply of pharmaceuticals to global charity and relief organizations and of course its pharmaceutical services division who source and distribute comparator drugs for clinical trials and run managed access programs that provide access to needed pharmaceuticals in non-approved markets. Durbin’s distribution network includes regular shipments to over 180 countries globally. Their managed access programs include orphan, gene, and controlled products. Durbin has full service offices in the United Kingdom, European Union and United States.

Gold Sponsor

We set our sight on a simple, but powerful vision to advance life science services toward a healthier world.

The journey began when Water Street Healthcare Partners and JLL Partners joined forces to acquire and combine the most comprehensive platform of life sciences services in the industry. Together, we are EVERSANA.

We offer more than 500 clients – from start-ups to established global pharmaceutical leaders – the services they need to bring critical therapies to market while improving the lives of patients around the world.


Silver Sponsor

Volv is a Digital Health & Life-Sciences company based in Switzerland. Using advanced and proprietary approaches, Volv creates new digital biomarkers that are highly predictive of diseases and from that helps create decision support tools for clinicians that can help them find and diagnose patients with ultra-rare and difficult to diagnose conditions. Volv has been creating breakthrough capabilities to help design a digital medicine that will intervene and treat a really important disease in a novel and unique way. Volv will also announce some new digital diagnostics in the neurological and cognitive area.

2020 Lead Exhibitor

Illingworth Research Group is a provider of patient centric clinical research solutions. Services are tailored to clinical requirements but can include: mobile research nursing, patient concierge and medical photography, for example. These services are operational in 45 countries and concentrate on taking the trail to the patient or making trial participation easier and more accessible to patients and their families.

Patient centricity is a vital part of our mission and has been so for 20 years. Our Research Nursing support focuses on bringing the trial to the patient in their home, school or workplace. This can enhance both patient recruitment and retention. Our medical photography team offer an alternative approach by using imagery and video footage within the clinical trial. Imagery can be used in a range of applications concentrated within but not exclusive to dermatological trials.

Associate Sponsor

Pulse Infoframe Inc (Pulse) believes thatcollaboration cures disease and Pulse enablessuch collaboration. A new style of healthcareinformatics company, Pulsebuilds and supports global, healthcareecosystems. It’s solution, healthie™, empowersconsortia of pharmaceutical and medical devicecompanies, researchers, clinicians, advocacygroups and patients, by aggregating informationfrom a variety of sources and then, delivering keyhealthcare insights – real time -- derived fromthese data. For patients with rare diseases, Pulse’sglobal coverage is critical. Already great strideshave been made in characterizing rare diseasesusing Pulse’s global and national registries. Theseinsights help professionals to advance medicalresearch, focus clinical trial recruitment, assistadvocacy groups in their dealings with policymakers and provide real-world evidence. Please visit pulseinfoframe.com

Associate Sponsor

OPEN VIE is a global, technology-enabled, evidence and access consultancy, with a focus on patient centricity. We work with you to understand, demonstrate and communicate value to inspire change.

We provide world-class knowledge, insight and outputs across the entire spectrum of market access and reimbursement, evidence generation, gathering and evaluation, and population-based health data, to demonstrate value and change patients’ lives.


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