Frank Grossmann

Founder & Exec. Director, Orphanhealthcare Foundation and CEO

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Frank Grossmann is the founder and Executive Director of the Orphanhealthcare Foundation and CEO of Orphanbiotec AG, Europe’s first non-profit pharmaceutical hybrid. 

After studying veterinary medicine in Hanover and Sydney Australia, he then studied human physiology at the ETH Zurich and earned his doctorate in this area.  

He then continued training in pharmacology and phytopharmacology, working as a manager at pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in Switzerland and, at the same time, ten years as a freelance lecturer in pharmaceutical sciences at the ETH Zurich. 

In 2009, together with partners, he founded the first social impact pharmaceutical company, Orphanbiotec AG, with the goal of developing alternative and affordable therapies for rare diseases. To this end, the startup has received several financial support from the Swiss Federal Innovation Promotion Agency (Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency, KTI / Innoswiss) for its first pharmaceutical development project.

The hybrid includes the 1st Swiss Foundation for Rare Diseases called Orphanhealthcare. This international foundation works as an operational foundation and pursues the goal of ensuring sustainable offers and enabling direct help for children and families with a rare disease. The foundation’s wide range of services promotes the quality of life of the affected families and strengthens their resilience. These are now being requested by many EU neighbors, from North America to the Far East.  For his work he received Grossmann and the hybrid of AG and Foundation First prize in the 2011 International SEIF Award (Social Entrepreneurship Initiativ Startup Award) Nominee of the W.A.DeVigier Prize 2013 and 2014 was nominated for the Ashoka Laurate Program Price.